What is Lab Without Benches?

You went into the sciences because you love learning about the world. You pursued a PhD to make science your career. These essays focus on the biggest knowledge gaps that affect graduates when they try to apply what they’ve learned in school to the world outside academia. If you recognize what you don’t know, you can start preparing for the real world – the lab without benches.

Lab Without Benches is a resource for scientists who would like to pursue a meaningful and rewarding career outside of academia. Lab Without Benches is not for profit, but there are businesses listed in the “resources” section that offer valuable career services. If you find these writings and resources helpful, spread the word. If you would like to help mentor students, please get in touch using “contacts” from the site menu.

Who is Lab Without Benches?

Boaz Vilozny works in the field of medical devices. His  Ph.D. is in organic chemistry, and he has worked in the biotech industry since 2013. He started this site to help students learn professional skills not found in traditional science education.


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